Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

Today one of my Taobao Orders arrived ^^
Much faster than I thought it would arrive, it was sent on May 18th and arrived today May 25th :o.
I never got an order from asia that fast.

As you can see the Liz Lisa Dress arrived :).
And~ I totally fit in ♥
It feels so comfortable and I really like how it looks worn :D.

Unfortunatly I am sick since Tuesday and I look so horrible so I didn´t take a worn pic of the Dress yet.
I hope the other orders will arrive that fast as well so I can post a few worn pics ♥.

On Wednesday my Candy Doll Lipgloss also arrived.
I hope it will look good on my lips ; A ;
Can´t wait to get well soon I want to take pictures haha

Todays evening my Friend came to visit me ♥
She brought chicken and some "Rösti" ( basically Röstis are Potatoes ^^).
We cooked together and it was soooooooo nice ♥

We watched a film together and had a lot fun, like always when we are together ^o^.

Anyway I am going to bed now, I feel so sick ; _ ;

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  1. das kleid ist so kawaii <3 :3 please make a pic with you wear it :D