Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

So I decided to make on more Post.

I had some nice things in the mail on Monday, I ordered a cute My Melody Mobile Strap and a Ma*rs Headbow a loooooooong while ago, it was February.
And They shipped both items together on March 6.
I don´t know what happend that it took so long to arrive, it was 2 month @_@.

I thought I will never see my Orders in that life haha.
So I was much more happier as it arrived.

Firts of all a pic of my cute My Melody Mobilestrap, I put it to my My Melody Bag because it is much more bigger than I thought it is....

but is sooooo cute, I really love it ♥

I hope to make a good pic of the lovely Ma*rs Headbow I also got on Monday ^^ but I am sure it looks much better worn ^^

I got some new green circle lenses from PinkyParadise and a cheki from Subaru of Royz on Monday as well.
If someone is intersted in it I can post them as well.

Yesterday my Grandma and Grandpa from Berlin came to visit my Dad and me.
They are going to renew their marriage in two month and I was thinking about wearing my new Liz Lisa Dress.

the one on that pic, I will post a worn pic of it soon when my shoes arrived ♥

Today I got my Tickets for the Gazette Concert in Dortmund ^o^
Thanks to Tamara who send them to me ~

So thats it for today ^^


  1. I was directed from Missa's post about you and so glad to find another person to follow ~~ I will look forward to you building more posts!

    And oh my goodness I paired together the same bag and phone strap too!! ( I think they look so cute together! ^^

  2. Awww thank you so much ♥ ^^ I am looking forward to write many more entrys :D