Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

Today one of my Taobao Orders arrived ^^
Much faster than I thought it would arrive, it was sent on May 18th and arrived today May 25th :o.
I never got an order from asia that fast.

As you can see the Liz Lisa Dress arrived :).
And~ I totally fit in ♥
It feels so comfortable and I really like how it looks worn :D.

Unfortunatly I am sick since Tuesday and I look so horrible so I didn´t take a worn pic of the Dress yet.
I hope the other orders will arrive that fast as well so I can post a few worn pics ♥.

On Wednesday my Candy Doll Lipgloss also arrived.
I hope it will look good on my lips ; A ;
Can´t wait to get well soon I want to take pictures haha

Todays evening my Friend came to visit me ♥
She brought chicken and some "Rösti" ( basically Röstis are Potatoes ^^).
We cooked together and it was soooooooo nice ♥

We watched a film together and had a lot fun, like always when we are together ^o^.

Anyway I am going to bed now, I feel so sick ; _ ;

Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Finally!!! ♥

I got my Dreamv Boots today and luckily they fit perfectly ^3^

I really love them and they are much more comfortable than the black ones I had once :o

I just hope my Taobao orders I did a long time ago will arrive as soon as possible.

Can´t wait for the la pafait set omg >//o//< ♥

A while ago I talked to my japanese Friend and she told me that she is moving into a bigger flat and has to clean out her closet.

She is sending me a Jesus Diamante Bow shaped Handbag she doesn´t need anymore ^o^
I am getting a Jesus Diamante Tote Bag from her as well ♥
You can see the Bow shaped Handbag in the Picture below ^^

I am really curious about the bags..can´t wait~ >o<

I purchased a used Ma*rs Poncho from Yuki a while back. I hope it will come soon ♥

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa~nd I got VanessA Flyers in the mail today. A good friend send them to me ♥.
I can´t tell you how happy I am about that ^o^

One is with an autograph. OMG!!!
I am fangirling so hard hihi xD
Sorry ♥

Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

Gnahhhh >__________<

My Boots I ordered from Rakuten are STILL in customs, since four days now ;_;
I just can´t stand how slow customs are working D:


Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

My Grandparents are gone since yesterday.
The time past by so far.
First I thought "Oh frome Thursday to Monday is a long time" but no it wasn´t like that.

Actually I am happy that they are gone again but on the other hand I am sad.
At least I will see them again in July when they are going to renew their Wedding.
Till than I will try to get the perfect Outfit, I am still not satisfied with the Outfit I have now >___<.

My sister is coming as well.....she always looks better than me :(
But this time it is my turn hehe

My Granparents, my Dad and I were visting a Village where my Grandmother and my Dad grew up.
The weather was  horrible, it was raining the whole Day.
We had the chance to visist the old Appartment of my Grandmothers Mother, which is now a Flat for People who are visiting the Village and want to stay a few days.

I took a picture when the rain stopped, but it looked much better in real :o.
I am sorry for my bad english, I am not a native speaker ^^; and I wasn´t in the mood to write a blog entry today xD.

Btw did taobao shipped one of my dresses ^__________^ 
The Liz Lisa Dress.

Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

Ughh today was horrible!!!

My Day started at 8:00 o´clock even though I could have slept the rest of life Dx.
My Dad and my Grandparents picked me up to go get my new Bed.

So we drove to Poco and arrived to early the market wasn´t even open.
We were forced to wait in the rain Dx.

When it opend I was buying a small pillow because I am planing to get a cute My Melody Pillow Case, I found a cute cheap one ^^.

Dad and my Grandparents were in a hurry and the end of story was, we just picked up the bed and now one build it up for me :(.

My Grandma had a look at my flat and she thinks it is nice, my Grandpa didn´t even had a look on it -_-° he was like...NOPE I AM NOT INTERESTED.

Later we met my Uncle and my Aunt and it was..horrible..just horrible. They are so loud omg I had an headache after half an hour Dx!!!
Why do old ppl always scream at each other when they are talking omg @_____@

It was soooooo boring !!!!

Nevermind lets talk about the important things xD
I orderd some new clothes a whiiiiiiiiile ago, it is not shipped yet and I really wonder how long I have to wait for the shipping O_o.

At least Rakuten already shipped my pink Boots I orderd, and I hope they will arrive on Tuesday >_< I can´t wait anymore.

I once owned that boots in black but I had to sell them, because they didn´t fit well. I really loved them ♥ I liked the red ones as well but of course they were sold out ; A ;

I orderd some clothes at taobao a while ago, the ones I am still waiting for the shipping :o

I orderd a cute La Pafait Leo Set, and I really hope I will fit in....I see no problem with the Jacket but...the skirt Dx awww could be a problem >________<

I really think this set is sooooo cute *//o//* and it is La Pafait ♥ I love La Pafait!!
I hope I have the chance that I am able to purchase a lot more La Pafait Clothes :D.

And I ordered a new Liz Lisa Dress since the last one I got was soo short OMG you could almost see my Butt and I didn´t liked it >_<
Thats it:

Cute,hmm :)? It is!! I really like the small flowers on it and I just hope it will fit, but actually I am lucky with Liz Lisa dresses :3.

When I was surfing on taobao some days ago I found a dress I really loved from the very beginning, so I decided to sell something to have enough money for that dress *_* ♥
Guess what?

I orderd it now :°D
This one:

Omg I am so in Love with it can´t help it ♥♥♥♥♥ >//3//<
It just HAS to fit me perfectly, otherwise I am crying desperatly Dx

And I ordered a new Lipgloss from Candy Doll :3

I hope everything will arrive in time so I can write a review about the things ^___^

Stay tuned..~

Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

My Cats ♥

I promised to post them here ^^

So this is my female Cat Riku 

And this is my male Cat Akira

Actually they are more fluffy but they are shaved here ^^

Three weeks ago my cat gave birth to three cute little kitties, a few days ago they opend their eyes and now they are trying to walk around and fight a bit against each other, it is just so cute ♥
I love them so much.

I named them Koichi,MiA and Genki since I am Mejibray Fan hehe

the one who is helding up his little head high is Koichi he is the fattest of them all hihi the one looking out of the box under that pic is also Koichi, in the Background you can see little MiA and Daddy ♥

On that pic you can see little MiA hidding at Daddy

That little dear is Genki, it is the smallest and youngest kittie I guess it is a female because it loves Daddy so much and is always cuddling with  him ♥

Daddy and the three kitties ♥

I love them all so much and I hope the kitties will find a good new home, one is already sold and I am searchin for a home for the last two kitties...stay tuned Princesses 

So I decided to make on more Post.

I had some nice things in the mail on Monday, I ordered a cute My Melody Mobile Strap and a Ma*rs Headbow a loooooooong while ago, it was February.
And They shipped both items together on March 6.
I don´t know what happend that it took so long to arrive, it was 2 month @_@.

I thought I will never see my Orders in that life haha.
So I was much more happier as it arrived.

Firts of all a pic of my cute My Melody Mobilestrap, I put it to my My Melody Bag because it is much more bigger than I thought it is....

but is sooooo cute, I really love it ♥

I hope to make a good pic of the lovely Ma*rs Headbow I also got on Monday ^^ but I am sure it looks much better worn ^^

I got some new green circle lenses from PinkyParadise and a cheki from Subaru of Royz on Monday as well.
If someone is intersted in it I can post them as well.

Yesterday my Grandma and Grandpa from Berlin came to visit my Dad and me.
They are going to renew their marriage in two month and I was thinking about wearing my new Liz Lisa Dress.

the one on that pic, I will post a worn pic of it soon when my shoes arrived ♥

Today I got my Tickets for the Gazette Concert in Dortmund ^o^
Thanks to Tamara who send them to me ~

So thats it for today ^^

Hallo Girls,

So this is my very first Blogspot about me and my life.
First of all I want to introduce myself to you.

My Name is Tsubaki, I am 25 years old and I am living in Germany.

I am in love with Gyaru Fashion 

Most of all I love La Pafait, Ma*rs, Jesus Diamante and Liz Lisa, but I try everything ^^.
And I love My Melody.
It is just sooooooo cute omg ♥

I have two persian Cats, a male and a female and I love them both so much.
Fluffy Cats ♥

My female Cats Name is Riku she is 2years old and my males Cat name is Akira he is 1 1/2 years old.
I will upload Pics of them later.

I am starting with Gyaru so I am not perfect yet but I will try my best of course!!
Now I am on the point where I have to say, I am not having a perfect body like many girls want other Gyarus to have.

I am going to the gym every second day and I am fighting for a good body. But I think it is important to say that I think, it doesn´t matter if you are having a perfect body...

To all the Girls out there who love Gyaru Fashion as much as I do, as long as you feel comfortable with what you are doing, please don´t let you go down.

To me Gyaru Fashion is not a Contest of who looks the best, who uses Circle Lenses, who wears a super Make up and who uses Lashes the best.
Of course there are some points you need to look after. If you are not perfect you can always improve yourself and don´t let others making you insecure.

To me Gyaru helped me to like myself better. I am very insecure about myself and I was thinking alot about if I should stop Gyaru or not.
I decided to not stop. I don´t want to hide myself anymore. Gyaru is the first kind of Fashion I really like on myself, I can be me.

And I met some new nice ppl ♥

So as long as you believe in yourself you are doing the right thing.
Thats it for now hehe

See ya

Stay Princess