Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

My Grandparents are gone since yesterday.
The time past by so far.
First I thought "Oh frome Thursday to Monday is a long time" but no it wasn´t like that.

Actually I am happy that they are gone again but on the other hand I am sad.
At least I will see them again in July when they are going to renew their Wedding.
Till than I will try to get the perfect Outfit, I am still not satisfied with the Outfit I have now >___<.

My sister is coming as well.....she always looks better than me :(
But this time it is my turn hehe

My Granparents, my Dad and I were visting a Village where my Grandmother and my Dad grew up.
The weather was  horrible, it was raining the whole Day.
We had the chance to visist the old Appartment of my Grandmothers Mother, which is now a Flat for People who are visiting the Village and want to stay a few days.

I took a picture when the rain stopped, but it looked much better in real :o.
I am sorry for my bad english, I am not a native speaker ^^; and I wasn´t in the mood to write a blog entry today xD.

Btw did taobao shipped one of my dresses ^__________^ 
The Liz Lisa Dress.

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