Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

Ughh today was horrible!!!

My Day started at 8:00 o´clock even though I could have slept the rest of life Dx.
My Dad and my Grandparents picked me up to go get my new Bed.

So we drove to Poco and arrived to early the market wasn´t even open.
We were forced to wait in the rain Dx.

When it opend I was buying a small pillow because I am planing to get a cute My Melody Pillow Case, I found a cute cheap one ^^.

Dad and my Grandparents were in a hurry and the end of story was, we just picked up the bed and now one build it up for me :(.

My Grandma had a look at my flat and she thinks it is nice, my Grandpa didn´t even had a look on it -_-° he was like...NOPE I AM NOT INTERESTED.

Later we met my Uncle and my Aunt and it was..horrible..just horrible. They are so loud omg I had an headache after half an hour Dx!!!
Why do old ppl always scream at each other when they are talking omg @_____@

It was soooooo boring !!!!

Nevermind lets talk about the important things xD
I orderd some new clothes a whiiiiiiiiile ago, it is not shipped yet and I really wonder how long I have to wait for the shipping O_o.

At least Rakuten already shipped my pink Boots I orderd, and I hope they will arrive on Tuesday >_< I can´t wait anymore.

I once owned that boots in black but I had to sell them, because they didn´t fit well. I really loved them ♥ I liked the red ones as well but of course they were sold out ; A ;

I orderd some clothes at taobao a while ago, the ones I am still waiting for the shipping :o

I orderd a cute La Pafait Leo Set, and I really hope I will fit in....I see no problem with the Jacket but...the skirt Dx awww could be a problem >________<

I really think this set is sooooo cute *//o//* and it is La Pafait ♥ I love La Pafait!!
I hope I have the chance that I am able to purchase a lot more La Pafait Clothes :D.

And I ordered a new Liz Lisa Dress since the last one I got was soo short OMG you could almost see my Butt and I didn´t liked it >_<
Thats it:

Cute,hmm :)? It is!! I really like the small flowers on it and I just hope it will fit, but actually I am lucky with Liz Lisa dresses :3.

When I was surfing on taobao some days ago I found a dress I really loved from the very beginning, so I decided to sell something to have enough money for that dress *_* ♥
Guess what?

I orderd it now :°D
This one:

Omg I am so in Love with it can´t help it ♥♥♥♥♥ >//3//<
It just HAS to fit me perfectly, otherwise I am crying desperatly Dx

And I ordered a new Lipgloss from Candy Doll :3

I hope everything will arrive in time so I can write a review about the things ^___^

Stay tuned..~


  1. Oh my goodness the Taobao dress is so gorgeous!! What a wonderful find! Do you mind posting a link to it?

    1. I am sorry for the late reply, but here you go :)