Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Long time no see.
And I am still sick a little bit D:.

I need to recover till next week because I have some kind of a job for the next 4 weeks.
It starts on Monday the 10th of June and end on July the 9th.
actually it is more like a test working :o.

On Saturday I got the bow shaped Jesusu Diamante Bag of my Friend from Japan.
It looks a bit different than I thought it would look like, but still.....I LOVE IT!!!

It looks so cute and fits perfectly to my Wallet ♥

Today one more of my Taobao Orders arrived at my Place.
But it is not what I ordered. :o

You might know I told you that I am waiting for the La Pafait Leopard Plush Set, Jacket and Skirt?
Well till today I really thought I will get it LoL
Obviously the Shopping Service and I missunderstood each other.

I got a La Pafait Pullover with Bows.
It is a replica but the quality is pretty pretty good and it is comfortable to wear ^o^

You can also see the bow shaped Jesus Diamate Bag in that Pic ^_^ ♥

I hope my other orders will be the right things xD
Still waiting for a Ma*rs Poncho, Ma*rs Cat Hoodie and Ma*rs Dress and of course all the rest Stuff from Taobao ._.°.

You might think I am rich or something but....NO I am NOT.
I ordered the things a long time ago and had to wait for the shipping a couple of Month.

As you all know I am a huge Fan of Mejibray ♥
And I finally got the chekis I won on mbok ^O^

Thats it for now ^^


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