Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Finally!!! ♥

I got my Dreamv Boots today and luckily they fit perfectly ^3^

I really love them and they are much more comfortable than the black ones I had once :o

I just hope my Taobao orders I did a long time ago will arrive as soon as possible.

Can´t wait for the la pafait set omg >//o//< ♥

A while ago I talked to my japanese Friend and she told me that she is moving into a bigger flat and has to clean out her closet.

She is sending me a Jesus Diamante Bow shaped Handbag she doesn´t need anymore ^o^
I am getting a Jesus Diamante Tote Bag from her as well ♥
You can see the Bow shaped Handbag in the Picture below ^^

I am really curious about the bags..can´t wait~ >o<

I purchased a used Ma*rs Poncho from Yuki a while back. I hope it will come soon ♥

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa~nd I got VanessA Flyers in the mail today. A good friend send them to me ♥.
I can´t tell you how happy I am about that ^o^

One is with an autograph. OMG!!!
I am fangirling so hard hihi xD
Sorry ♥

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