Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

My Cats ♥

I promised to post them here ^^

So this is my female Cat Riku 

And this is my male Cat Akira

Actually they are more fluffy but they are shaved here ^^

Three weeks ago my cat gave birth to three cute little kitties, a few days ago they opend their eyes and now they are trying to walk around and fight a bit against each other, it is just so cute ♥
I love them so much.

I named them Koichi,MiA and Genki since I am Mejibray Fan hehe

the one who is helding up his little head high is Koichi he is the fattest of them all hihi the one looking out of the box under that pic is also Koichi, in the Background you can see little MiA and Daddy ♥

On that pic you can see little MiA hidding at Daddy

That little dear is Genki, it is the smallest and youngest kittie I guess it is a female because it loves Daddy so much and is always cuddling with  him ♥

Daddy and the three kitties ♥

I love them all so much and I hope the kitties will find a good new home, one is already sold and I am searchin for a home for the last two kitties...stay tuned Princesses 

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  1. so cute kittens <3 if i would stay in germany i would buy one <3 X3